Who Are Arcopia?

Despite their relatively short life together, Arcopia have already performed at many prestigious events and venues in Europe, including the main stage at the “Kommz” festival in Bavaria in 2018, the legendary “Loft” and “Pfandhaus” Jazz venues in Germany and the Cologne Music Conservatory Concert Hall. Their debut album, “Arcopia” was released on Cabin Creations Records in January 2018. Individually, the members of Arcopia and highly regarded and active musicians in London and in Germany.

Chris Haigh

Chris Haigh is a highly respected and oft called-upon fiddler, based in London. Chris has played and recorded with luminaries such as Bob Geldof, Michael Ball and James Galway. He has also played for (and largely been ignored by) many celebrity clients such as Tony Blair, Princess Diana, Brian May, Elton John and Sting. Chris runs the annual “London Fiddle Convention”, where he the resident expert in many faculties such as jazz fiddle, bluegrass fiddle and folk fiddle. He has also published a series of internationally acclaimed books for Schott, such as “Jazz Violin” and “Rock Violin”. Chris is also the only violinist to have been personally featured as a violinist on a Royal Mail Stamp….

Gunther Tiedemann

Gunther Tiedemann is a highly in-demand cellist, based in Cologne, Germany, specialising in jazz, rock and other dangerous directions on the cello. He teaches at the conservatoire for music and dance in Cologne, and plays in a number of ensembles including the jazz/rock string quartet “String Thing”. Gunther has toured extensively, including the USA and Africa, and has played with musicians from Markus Stockhausen to Nelly Furtado. Admirers of Gunther’s playing include the illustrious Jean-Luc Ponty, who states: “Cello players are extremely rare in modern music and Gunther Tiedemann has all it takes to bring his instrument to the forefront”. For more information on Gunther, please visit gunther-tiedemann.de

Rupert Gillett

Rupert Gillett is a successful, London-based cellist and multi-instrumentalist, who pops up in many ensembles such as Dai & the Ramblers and the London Klezmer Quartet. As a player, Rupert has performed with luminaries such as pop star Alison Moyet, Grammy-Award Winning jazz singer Jacqui Dankworth and Indian star Najma Akhtar. He has also performed to big-wigs such as Prince Philip, Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Sir Anthony Gormely, as well as having performed live for BBC radio and TV on numerous occasions. As a composer, Rupert has had work published by Boosey and Hawkes, but does not anticipate becoming rich from that avenue yet… Rupert performs regular solo shows under the guise of “One Voice, One Cello“, and together with Jennifer El Gammal in the duo “One Voice, One Cello & A Mad Belgian“.